About Us

Our Brand

In our eyes, your brand is your buoy serving as a navigation mark. Contact us to develop a strategy to keep your brand consistent across all channels.

What We Do

Brand Consulting · Brand Identity

Marketing Strategy · Social Media

Art Direction · Logo Design

Serving the Bay Area

Tampa is our backyard. Give us a chance to anchor your brand's buoy.

The Team

Jori J.

The mastermind behind Brand & Buoy. Jori enjoys large coffees, jamming out to hip hop, and tackling brand identities with her four legged side kick Little.



With a smile to light up the room, Little is our brand mascot. She enjoys long walks on Bayshore chasing lizards and updating her Instagram while she does it.


Stephanie H.

Stephanie keeps Brand & Buoy afloat. With her comprehensive business and accounting knowledge we can tackle the brand world head on. She enjoys the 'Jeep Life' and is Takis' number one customer.